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Indigenous Educational Storyteller Dallas Yellowfly Tells the Story of Qwalena


The sense of magic and mysticism you created was gripping... the most accessible presentation that our students will ever hear in terms of the personal costs of residential schools across the generations


S. Russell, Superintendent SD #42

Indigenous Educational Storyteller in Schools Dallas Yellowfly
Indigenous Educational Performance Qwalena With Coast Salish Carved Mask


The purpose of this performance is to promote anti-racism, create awareness of the inter-generational impact of Indian Residential Schools and help youth strengthen mental health.


Indigenous storyteller Dallas Yellowfly brings “Qwalena: The Wild Woman Who Steals Children” to life in this unique theatrical presentation. In a dark theatre, to the steady beat of a drum, Yellowfly tells a scary story of a girl who is born disfigured and bullied by kids in her community. She runs away to the forest where she stays hidden. Over time Qwalena becomes the wild woman who makes whistling sounds and steals children who search for her in the woods. During the presentation Yellowfly uses multimedia elements of video and sound that fills the theatre with a dynamic atmosphere.

Venue required:

Theatre or gymnasium

*Room with no windows and capable of complete black out darkness

90 minutes


Yellowfly explains Qwalena is an allegorical creature that represents the Indian agents who stole Indigenous children from their families and forced them into government funded Indian Residential Schools. Yellowfly’s father was one of these children.

By blending Oral Tradition, multimedia and a bit of humour, Yellowfly hopes to promote an understanding of the Indian Act and show how youth of all cultural backgrounds can relate to the important messages he shares.


Suitable for Grade 8 and up. No limit to audience size.

photo by: Alysha Collie

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