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Interactive Indigenous Storytelling Perfromance in Schools: How Raven Stole the Sun


One of my favourite presentations because you were funny and you make me smile...try to keep your amazing personality with you.


Leihla, Student

An Interactive Storytelling Performance

Interactive Indigenous Storytelling Performance in Schools: How Raven Stole the Sun


The purpose of this presentation is to engage audience members of all backgrounds in a light hearted, interactive theatre version of  "How Raven Stole the Sun" while teaching about the holistic values, traditions, and culture of Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Indigenous storyteller Dallas Yellowfly uses positive humour, high energy performance and audience participation, making the performance memorable and educational. The presentation focuses on the importance of having respect for the environment, Indigenous oral traditions, and the power of humour in storytelling.



Venue required:

50 minutes

Suitable for Kindergarten and up. No limit to audience size.

Theatre or gymnasium

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